Saving lives means protecting Black lives — today, tomorrow and indefinitely.

We pledge not only to speak, but to act.

As the nation is both grappling with tragedy and growing from pain, we know one thing for certain, enough is enough.

We pledge to do our part to support both the long term advancement of the Black community and to protect those who are bravely making their voices heard at demonstrations and marches around the country.

We have pledged $100,000 to The National Black Nurses Association and the Student National Medical Association — two organizations that support the education, mentorship, representation and leadership of the Black community in medicine. We are proud and humbled to establish long term partnerships with these awesome organizations and work together to uplift and support these communities.

We have pledged to provide masks, shields and essential supplies to support peaceful protests on the ground and protect against the spread of COVID-19 during these gatherings. If you are organizing locally, please reach out to us here.

Finally, we pledge that this is just the beginning. 

At FIGS we believe in humanity’s immense capacity for compassion and love. We pledge as a company and as humans to stand in solidarity against systemic racism and oppression and to make these efforts enduring.

Let’s right the wrongs of history. Let’s create the world we want to live in. Let’s do it together.


The National Black Nurse Association

Student National Medical Association




Request MAsks and PPE for Local DEmonstrations


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